ABF-UK License


Any boxer  will tell you there is nothing as memorable as stepping into the ring for the first time.

Once you have been training at your club for a while you may decide you want to compete, if and when this time comes there are simple steps to follow.

Your coach will help you decide when you are ready for this. You can train up to this point from a young age.

If under 8yrs old no child is permitted to spar or compete with head shots being allowed. We call these rules Halo Rules to ensure no child is subject the possibility of brain trauma at such a young age.

From 9yrs upwards head contact is allowed but with only controlled shots to the head. With heavier contact being allowed to the body.

All boxers must be fit to fight and will be required to complete the medical examination which will be carried out at any ABF-UK event which is free for all competitors.

Training to compete includes sparring with other members of your club to develop your skills. When you are ready to compete, your club coach will ‘match’ you (based on your age, weight and experience) for a club show, skills bout or tournament.

On the day of your bout you will need to attend a weigh-in with the tournament supervisor, before going to see the doctor for a medical to ensure that you are fit and well enough to compete.

These processes are in place to ensure the safety of the boxer and that the bout is fair and that you are fit to fight.

If you show particular talent you may eventually find yourself competing in championships or at ABF-UK Title level. The class categories for competing are defined as:

0-5 Fights Beginner
5-10 Fights Novice
10-15 Fights Intermediate Area Title Eligible
15-20 Fights Advanced National Title Eligible (English, Scottish etc)
20+ Fights Elite British Title Level

License run annually failure to keep your license in date will mean your license is null and void.

If you do not hold an in date ABF-UK License you will not be able to compete in any ABF-UK event

ABF-UK licenses can only be used at ABF-UK sanctioned and regulated events.

Licenses can be purchased direct by the Boxer or through registered Club/Coach.


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