BLCB logo

British Light Contact Boxing

The BLCB, is a set of rules and standards created for

Martial Artist and by Martial Artist

Jon “Dragonfoot” Green 6th Dan

Jon has fought Amateur and Professional Domestically and Internationally, for over 25 years and has won many various titles.

Rules fought under have been Sport Karate, Amateur Kickboxing, Full Contact Kickboxing and Boxing

Through out all the arts the one thing common amongst them all is the boundaries that are set out which can stop a fighter developing their arts. This is the reason BLCB was created to allow any martial Artist the opportunity to develop their boxing aspect of their fighting style safely and competitively.

Kickboxing covers many styles and rules,


Are but a few

All have the element of boxing in them of

How to throw a Punch and how to defend a Punch

Martial Artist are forbidden to practice their Art if they wish to compete in the ABA and Professional Arenas

BLCB Welcomes all martial artist to compete under LIGHT CONTACT Rules to develop their boxing abilities without the pressure of not being allowed to practice doing what they love.

In a SAFE and Welcoming environment

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