ABF-UK Medical Requirements

All competitors must be fit to fight and must pass the medical examination carried out by qualified and appropriate paramedics.

No competitor is clear to fight should they have suffered a KO or concussion in the last 28 days.

The attendance of a Paramedic in Light Contact Boxing is obligatory; a first aid team only is not sufficient.

The official physician, who mandatorily attends every match, is the final authority in questions of the safety of the competitors, and he or she may at any time stop or terminate a match at his or her discretion.

Every match must be supervised by an approved doctor (physician). Any and all directions and/or orders from the attending physician must be immediately complied with. The attending physician must be qualified as a general practitioner. The attendance of one doctor is compulsory in national tournaments; two doctors are required for open Championship. A first aid team is compulsory as well.

The attending physician must follow the rules and regulations of the appropriate national health board as well as be approved by the authorities where such rules apply.

No match may start or proceed before the attending physician is in place, and the physician may not leave his/her place prior to the decision in the last match.

The attending physician shall be ready to assist if a serious emergency arises and to administer first aid in the event of less serious injuries.

The doctor has the right to interrupt or stop a contest by ringing the bell or calling “stop“ to the referee, if he/she thinks a competitor is in danger and the referee has not stopped the fight. He/she is also responsible for making the decision when a referee calls him/her to examine an injured competitor.

No person, even coaches, may attempt to aid a competitor during a round before the attending physician has had the opportunity to see the injured competitor. If the doctor enters the ring or he/she must examine the presumed injury and decide if the fight can continue or not. This examination must take place in the ring and have duration of not more than one minute; any kind of treatment of the competitor is explicitly forbidden.

Should this time not be sufficient, the referee shall stop the match and declare the opponent the winner.

Doctors’ decisions are in any case final decisions, but they can be protested if a second doctor is present at the event. The second doctor will make the decision about the protest.

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