Fair Play

Amateur Boxing Federation – UK



ABF-UK events are Pre Registration only, Which is a procedure in place to give our supporters quicker and simpler entry in to our events.

Once complete please print off your receipt and bring it with you to our events for peace of mind.

Area allocations for categories are also carried out so events run smoother and also so we can get you home quicker no one likes a long day at competitions.

If there is only 2 people in a category that fight will be a straight final over 3 x 2min rounds.

If there are 3 People in a category, there will be a round robin, which means that all people fight each other with majority winner winning the division.

All Junior divisions are created with no greater than 2yrs age gap and 5k weight difference. Ensuring safe and fair competition.




ABF-UK events are aimed at making all tournaments fair to all.

All Boxer’s must have a valid up to date ABF-UK licence and it must contain proof of age and experience. We want to STOP competitors from competing in divisions that they should not be in.

All fighters will be weighed at each event to ensure a level playing field for all.

This will also ensure that the novice divisions are not being manipulated by way of more experienced Boxer entering a lower class. this will not be allowed to happen.

All Boxers/Coaches must fill in their details including club name on the pre reg form.

Can everybody from the same club please fill their form in the same way for example if your club is known by it’s initials that’s how it should be filled in.

This way competitor’s from the same club can be kept apart on the draw sheet when the draw sheet is drafted.

We use the standard Boxing rules and scoring system which can be found in the rules and regulations section.

Can all referees and coaches make themselves familiar with the rules and the slight changes that we are using remember this is to also make our sport more exciting and more entertaining for the spectator.


1st Warning – Verbal Warning

2nd Warning – Formal Warning by official

3rd Warning – Minus a point

4th Warning – Minus a point

5th Warning – Disqualified

As a part of the ABF-UK ‘fair play policy’ we will be using referees from other various associations.

We actively encourage all referees to work together in an attempt to raise the standard of tournaments in England, there’s is no politics and we welcome all clubs, associations.

ABF FP pic

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